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Epiphany implies a religious experience of mystical insight. A vision of such power that the visionary is overcome by the intensity of the revelation, and is left with an insight that is vivid and prophetic. This is considered a rare gift. Within the world of art, the use of inner vision to give shape and inspiration to a work is the occupation of the artist. Simple imagining may be a distant relative to the heights epiphany; but fits of creative possesion, where the artist is totally overcome by visionary revelation, is a comparable experience. No matter the experiential level, the ability to "see" is recognized as an indispensable tool of the artist.

The skill required to visualize a completely original work is refined through practice. This is the skill that art education offers. The young student learns to refine their imaginings into objects that can be shared with all who are interested. The basic act of creation - to bring something without substance (the vision) into the material world (the piece).

The value of refined imaginative capacity extends far beyond the art world. In all walks of life we face problems that require thinking beyond the box of traditional solutions. The complexity of today's planetary life often seems overwhelming. Opening the mind to visions that are broad enough to provide communal guidance is an ongoing practice. What begins as the simple dreams and imaginings of a child, if given the opportunity, will mature into visionary acuity capable of providing insight for entire communities.

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