West Bank from Westside Bridge
Looking Down Slope light
frog pond
West Bank from Eastside Bridge

The Calle Guanajuato Restoration Master Plan - Phase II - Western Slope Gathering Area & Connecting Paths can be viewed by clicking here. This plan is an alternative developed by Lithia Arts Guild. An explanation of the plan can also be found at that page.

The following are other sites of interest - Keepers of the Waters - and - ATELIER DREISEITL Water in: Landscape, Urban Hydrology & Enviromental Technology - have a look.

Please contact us with any questions or input you might have by clicking here.

The picture to the left was taken at the western end of the Foot Bridge looking toward the Western Slope. This area remains to be completed, as part of the Calle Guanajuato Restoration Master Plan. (image 1)

From this point (right) we are looking down slope toward the Foot Bridge,then on to the Front Lawn of Lithia Park, with the Shakespeare Theaters in the far background. (image 2)

Looking southwest from where the Foot Bridge reaches the east bank provides a good view of the stepped structure leading down to the stream (planted primarily with red willow), the West Slope area yet to be completed, and a line of white rocks bordering the path to Ashland Creek. (image 3)